Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Weaving with Non-Traditional Materials

What a pleasure to take Giovanna Imperia's workshop on weaving with industrial materials! Giovanna brings a boatload of interesting materials to try as wefts, and supplemental warps.  These are materials that your local shops are not going to stock.  Materials included plastics, reflective fiber, glow-in-the-dark fiber, polyurethane, wire core, and polyesters.

Here are some of the samples I wove.  The warp was 10/2 cotton in 3 large stripes of black, black/gray alternating, gray. The photos were taken after the samples had been washed in machine with hot water.



In addition to explaining the properties of each material, Giovanna provided excellent guidance on how to sett, beat and finish. She also showed tricks on taming some of the more unruly fibers when measuring and weaving. Giovanna experiments with any interesting materials she can acquire from her various sources.  Many of these interesting fibers are only available in small quantities from Giovanna via her website at http://giovannaimperia.com/

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