Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pictorial Boundweave

Family health issues have keep me away from posting.  But I have tried to keep a project on the loom so that I can decompress with my favorite pastime.

Boundweave is known as very slow weaving.  Multiple weft shots pack down to create one finished row.  The weaving gets even slower with pictorials made using a point twill threading on 8 shafts.  Each shaft is raised in order (either forward or reverse) and a weft shot deposits one "pixel" of color over the warp for that shaft.  After 8 picks, one row is formed.  Repeat.

I choose boundweave for this project because I was not ready to tackle the basics of tapestry weaving, and I am a fan of folk art.  The boundweave creates folk art like pictures that can be used to construct a theme or story.  When the piece is complete, it will be easier to see the story so I will explain it at that time.

This is my first attempt at pictorial boundweave.  I have long admired the figures and motifs that other weavers have created for cards and wall hangings.  There has been a steep learning curve on the right yarns to use.  Also so much fun to watch the pictures emerge.

It is the right time to have a slow project on the loom!