Thursday, May 2, 2013

Study Group Yardage

I have been in a recently formed study group for a few months.  Our focus is yardage for use in garments, although making the garment is optional.  To make our first project easier, we chose to use twill structure ... not much of a restriction there.  I knew I wanted to do a jacket or a vest.  Since I prefer more fitted styles, I chose a broken twill that would not require too much extra effort to match a pattern.

I also found a threading/treadling that produced different front and back pattern.  I have my yardage complete and as you can see from the photo, I will be able to use the front (on right) for the body, and the reverse (on left) for the shawl collar.

I hope to have the garment complete in the next few weeks since the weight will be great for spring/fall.  Will post pics.

The warp is rayon chenille, sett at 18epi.  The weft is rayon chenille.