Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dornik Twill Yardage

I may have mentioned that I belong to a weaving study group.  We call ourselves the 'Cloth Study Group' which really means yardage.  We are just over one year of meetings and the group has been a wonderful way to share and learn.  Most of the yardage woven over the year has been used in garment construction.

I like a tailored jacket so I decided to weave some yardage to make a jacket.  I used two hanks of space-dyed bamboo in blues/greens as the warp along with two vintage novelty wools for weft.  The wools are special in that they were found when clearing out the home of an elderly Aunt who contributed to my weaving addiction.  The wools contained small amounts of other fibers that resulted in some stretch.  Since the wools were in skeins I assume they were knit/crochet wools.  For this reason, I was sure to use a temple.

I wanted to use a 1/3 twill to place emphasis on the wool weft.  I always like the 'uneveness' of a broken twill.  On my counterbalance loom, it was better to do the tie-up such that I was looking at the back of the yardage during weaving process (right side in photo).  This was probably best since it was more interesting to look at the summer-y stripes than the alternating wefts.

I am quite happy with the yardage off the loom.  It remains to be seen how it comes out of the wet finish.  I am hoping for limited shrinkage.  The bamboo and wool together are medium weight and I think it will be nice for spring/fall.