Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sewing with Handwoven Yardage

This summer I took a garment making workshop with the very talented Liz Spear.  Liz is an experienced weaver and seamstress who has been producing handmade artwear for decades.  I really liked her practical approach to balancing the demands of production with quality.

I wove 5yards of fabric using cotton and bamboo in record time of 7 days.  The structure is a modified M&W with a simple treadling.

Since we could choose our own pattern, I selected on that had been in my stash for a while.  I ALWAYS need to make pattern modifications for my small frame.  And this princess seam vest was no exception.  At the last minute (in class) I decided to shorten the length again.  But it still looks a little oversize to me.

 I may make another and adjust the width and length smaller.  I do like the shaping added by the princess seams and they worked out fine with my handwoven.

The class was fantastic!  I learned so much not only by doing my own garment but also by seeing what the other participants were doing.

Plus I upped my sewing skills by doing bias facing instead of lining.