Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More yarn

Like all fiber addicts I have lots of yarns.  One needs to have choices.  Sometimes I buy retail from shops either in my area or when I am traveling, but usually I order online.  Over the years I have ordered from WEBS.

Recently I found myself in western Mass and realized that it was WEBS country so I scheduled time for a stop.  Everyone in the area seemed to know about WEBS and gave it positive reviews.  PLUS, they have a very comfortable waiting area for the spouses.

I went online and made my list based on what was in stock. Since I was traveling by air, I tried to keep my selections down to a couple of pounds.

It is a very large building and has a dizzying selection of yarn, equipment and books.  I really had fun wandering through the front showroom, and the back warehouse.  I was able to get just about everything on my list.  Also, the sales folk were very helpful and pleasant.

My one tip, which may only apply if you are looking for cones, is that you should call ahead to make sure they have what you need at that location.  I was unable to find the navy alpaca/silk that had been listed as in stock on the website.  When I asked I found out that they have another warehouse (I want to browse through that one) that has all the overflow.  If it is not in the retail warehouse you have to order.

I wish I had a WEBS in my neighborhood!