Sunday, December 8, 2019

Simplified Damask for Guild Outreach

Doing guild outreach events is a fun time meeting people and teaching them what this weaving thing is all about.  I like to use my 4-shaft table loom threaded with something that looks more complicated than it is.  I picked "Simplified Damask" from the Davidson green book.  I made some minor threading mods to reduce float length.  The colors really make the design take on a dimensional look as if the light blue areas are ribbon applied to the surface.  People really liked the result.

Simplified Damask
I try to use readily available and inexpensive yarns  in demo pieces so that interested people can easily replicate.

Warp is 8/4 carpet warp in navy, light blue and gold.  Weft is cotton crochet thread that I pickup at a local recycle center for very low cost. And crochet thread is nice to use for table runners.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Sherbert Small Blankets

Isn't this a cheerful, happy warp!

This is primarily varigated cotton from WEBS combined with solid 10/2 cotton leftovers in solids from the colorway.

Structure is goose eye twill. Width on loom is approx 42". Sett is 24epi.

Wefts are UKI 5/2 cotton in bright orange and medium pink. The color pooling is really interesting and fun!
pink weftorange weft

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sewing with Handwoven Yardage

This summer I took a garment making workshop with the very talented Liz Spear.  Liz is an experienced weaver and seamstress who has been producing handmade artwear for decades.  I really liked her practical approach to balancing the demands of production with quality.

I wove 5yards of fabric using cotton and bamboo in record time of 7 days.  The structure is a modified M&W with a simple treadling.

Since we could choose our own pattern, I selected on that had been in my stash for a while.  I ALWAYS need to make pattern modifications for my small frame.  And this princess seam vest was no exception.  At the last minute (in class) I decided to shorten the length again.  But it still looks a little oversize to me.

 I may make another and adjust the width and length smaller.  I do like the shaping added by the princess seams and they worked out fine with my handwoven.

The class was fantastic!  I learned so much not only by doing my own garment but also by seeing what the other participants were doing.

Plus I upped my sewing skills by doing bias facing instead of lining. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Block Weaving Summer&Winter

This is a fun project I did as physical therapy after a leg injury.  It is a slightly modified design that was published in Handwoven as a linen table runner.  I chose 10/2 cotton to make it as towels for a towel exchange.  So the therapy part is that the tabby required raising 7 shafts on my loom.  Great for re-building those muscles.

 I was able to get six towels from the warp using weft colors of apple green, lemon yellow and blueberry blue.

 Hemmed with tags and ready to go. Love the modern look.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Chenille Crimp

More fun with crimp weave (woven shibori) which results in permanent texture in the cloth.   I have been looking for patterns that give "made by nature" effects.

Somehow during the wet finish this scarf came in contact with something that bleached some random spots so that means it was for me 😁

Funny thing is when I wore it to visit a friend she mentioned several times how much she liked it including the tie-dye spots SO what is a girl to do but gift it.