Thursday, October 25, 2012

Too Subtle

I wanted to try a shadow weave in chenille.  I decided to do a sample to evaluate the colors I wanted to use, the structure (sett, ppi) and the effort required to produce one scarf since shadow weave requires two shuttles.

This is one time that the sample really paid off since the colors I chose do not provide enough contrast to really appreciate the effort.  As you can see from the picture, the pattern -- diamonds --is barely visible.  A little too subtle....for me.

I know someone will love it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cotton Chenille Boundweave Rug

cotton chenille boundweave
I started weaving more when I got hooked on rugs.  First it was rag rugs. Then I took a class with the wonderful and talented Jason Collingwood.  His class took me from cotton warp and rags into linen warp and wool.  In addition, I learned precious technique tips.

Recently, I decided I needed to try Boundweave rugs.  I had been reading Clotilde Barrett's "Boundweave" and it seemed natural to try the sampler in the book by making some rugs.  I am using a cotton rug warp with 3 strands of cotton chenille as weft.  Since I expect at least 10% shrinkage from the weft I chose a 36 inch width.

I have finished one rug.  I am trying a variety of color sequences as per the sampler from the Barrett book.  Doing on-the-fly 'design' is quite stressless!  Even though boundweave is slow, it is satisfying to watch the patterns emerge.