Thursday, January 17, 2019

Block Weaving Summer&Winter

This is a fun project I did as physical therapy after a leg injury.  It is a slightly modified design that was published in Handwoven as a linen table runner.  I chose 10/2 cotton to make it as towels for a towel exchange.  So the therapy part is that the tabby required raising 7 shafts on my loom.  Great for re-building those muscles.

 I was able to get six towels from the warp using weft colors of apple green, lemon yellow and blueberry blue.

 Hemmed with tags and ready to go. Love the modern look.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Chenille Crimp

More fun with crimp weave (woven shibori) which results in permanent texture in the cloth.   I have been looking for patterns that give "made by nature" effects.

Somehow during the wet finish this scarf came in contact with something that bleached some random spots so that means it was for me 😁

Funny thing is when I wore it to visit a friend she mentioned several times how much she liked it including the tie-dye spots SO what is a girl to do but gift it.