Sunday, December 8, 2019

Simplified Damask for Guild Outreach

Doing guild outreach events is a fun time meeting people and teaching them what this weaving thing is all about.  I like to use my 4-shaft table loom threaded with something that looks more complicated than it is.  I picked "Simplified Damask" from the Davidson green book.  I made some minor threading mods to reduce float length.  The colors really make the design take on a dimensional look as if the light blue areas are ribbon applied to the surface.  People really liked the result.

Simplified Damask
I try to use readily available and inexpensive yarns  in demo pieces so that interested people can easily replicate.

Warp is 8/4 carpet warp in navy, light blue and gold.  Weft is cotton crochet thread that I pickup at a local recycle center for very low cost. And crochet thread is nice to use for table runners.