Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shepherd's Check

 Shepherd's check is a traditional pattern that works well for chenille since it is a balanced weave with a float length of one.  It also seemed like an easy/quick break from brain storming an upcoming yardage project.  I put on a warp of royal blue alternating with grassy green and gold.

Once I started weaving the check, it seemed a little too traditional so I decided to use the check (with a couple of variations) only at the ends of the scarves.  The center of each scarf was woven in plain weave which produces a stripe.  The interesting attribute of the stripe is that the edge is wavy and it looks like a rib in the fabric.

The finished scarves look more interesting when worn due to the look of texture in the stripe.  I may go back to this pattern and do some more scarves in school colors.