Saturday, September 26, 2015

Double-width Doubleweave Blanket Finish

Double width wool blanket
 Just in time for the coming colder weather, the wool double width blanket is off the loom.  There was only ONE fix needed where the layers "crossed".  Easy fix with the wool weft.

The wet finish was done in a front loader using the wool wash setting.  I did check the progress at 10 mins but let it finish the entire cycle.  The amount of fulling was perfect.

In the first snapshot, you can see the overall look of the blanket.  Note the center line which was the fold for the two layers.

You can see the center line more clearly at the left of the second photo.  Even though the sett was a little more open by skipping dent during sleying, the end result looks like a design element.

I showed off my blanket at the guild meeting recently and was pleased that my talented friends also thought it was a success.

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