Sunday, July 13, 2014

Orchard #2 in Boundweave

I recently finished the second orchard done in the boundweave structure.  I learned many things from my first piece (see post from 12.2013).  One of the most valuable lessons concerned my wool choices.  For this piece, 95% of the yarn is Collingwood rug yarn.  It is the perfect size.  However, the colors available are muted.  So brights, like the apple red, yellow and green, are from knitting yarns.

Also note the pig which required a break in the pattern repeat.  Wasn't sure it would work, but it really does call attention to the smudge of pink.

The structure is 6 shaft boundweave.  Warp is linen sett at 8epi.  Weft is wool.  Finished size is approx. 26"L x 15"W.

It is highly probable there will be one more Orchard in this series.  Meanwhile, I am looking into a modified brocade technique as the next experiment.


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